Corporate Officers

Corporate Officers - Thomas Ryan

Thomas L. Ryan

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President

Corporate Officers - John Faulk

John Faulk

Senior Vice President, Revenue and Business Development

Corporate Officers - Elisabeth Nash

Elisabeth G. Nash

Senior Vice President, Operations Services

Corporate Officers - Gregory Sangalis

Gregory T. Sangalis

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Corporate Officers - Eric Tanzberger

Eric D. Tanzberger

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Corporate Officers - Steve Tidwell

Steven A. Tidwell

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Corporate Officers - Sumner Waring III

Sumner J. Waring

Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Corporate Officers - Sarah Adams

Sarah E. Adams

Vice President, Tax

Corporate Officers - Aaron Foley

Aaron G. Foley

Vice President, Treasurer

Corporate Officers - Gerry Heard

Gerry D. Heard

Vice President, Sales

Corporate Officers - Albert Lohse

Albert R. Lohse

Vice President, Litigation and Risk Management

Corporate Officers - John Mixon II

John Del Mixon, II

Vice President, Information Technology

Corporate Officers - Tammy Moore

Tammy R. Moore

Vice President, Corporate Controller

Corporate Officers - Jamie Pierce

Jamie Pierce

Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Corporate Officers - Lori Spilde

Lori Spilde

Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

Corporate Officers - Phil Sprick

Philip G. Sprick

Vice President, Human Resources

Corporate Officers - Robert Waltrip

Robert L. Waltrip

Founder and Chairman Emeritus, SCI



  • Founder and Chairman Emeritus, SCI (since 2016)

Prior Business Experience

  • Chairman of SCI (1962-2015)
  • CEO of SCI (1969-2005)
  • Founded SCI in 1962, took the company public in 1969
  • Started with family funeral business in the 1950s; acquired additional funeral USDT以太坊交易平台软件homes in the 1960s; pioneered the clustering concept/efficiencies of scale in the funeral industry
  • Introduced M&A to the industry which changed the industry forever. As a result, he is the best known and highest regarded leader in the industry
  • The network he began has now grown to more than 1,900 funeral USDT以太坊交易平台软件home, cemetery and crematory locations across North America

Select Past Public Company Boards

  • Cash America International
  • Tanknology Environmental, Inc.

Other Positions

  • Chairman, Board of Directors, National Museum of Funeral History


  • Bachelors, University of Houston
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